About Us
The distinct status enjoyed by Tristar in today's MMA Community around the World has proven time and time again the significance of Cutting-edge Training, Guidance, Practice, Overall Control over both Body and Mind and translate it all into Focus on One's Goal. This is where Tristar Team of Trainers contributes in a Champion's life, enabling him to stand out and claim his rightful spot as the Best in his class.

Our Certified Trainers are equipped to meet any of your Health, Fitness and Nutrition challenges whether it be:

- Strength
- Stamina
- Technique
- Mixed Martial Arts and/or
- Fitness

The new Tristar E-store is an extension of the same Mandate taking it a step further in bringing not only affordable but also precise combinations of age, goal and preparedness related Vitamins, Supplements and other related products that you can buy from the comfort of your own home/office or anywhere else with absolute trust that you will get the best products at unbeatable price, prompt delivery as well as precise combination at all times.
Mention needs to made here of our strong alliance with KORE Fit Living, another committed as well as outstanding organization making waves in Health, Fitness and Nutrition